"The most important part of the hospitality mentality is your attitude."

 – Kim Tucci, Pasta House Co-Founder

What is the Show-Me F&B Alliance?


Matt Carr, president of Beck Flavors, had a vision to create a dynamic community within the food and beverage industry. This alliance aims to connect industry professionals, fostering an environment where they can share ideas, insights, and support each other. By leveraging unique knowledge and collective expertise, the Show-Me Alliance seeks to drive innovation and elevate the food and beverage industry in St. Louis and beyond.


To empower and support businesses in the St. Louis area, enabling them to grow, innovate, and succeed in an ever-evolving market.





Providing support for the St. Louis Food & Beverage industry is crucial for fostering local innovation. Support can come in any number of forms: organizing networking events and workshops, promoting local products through marketing campaigns, facilitating collaborations between industry stakeholders, and sharing information and trends.

The F&B community in St. Louis truly is a close-knit community unlike any other in the country. One of the goals of this Show-Me Alliance is to bring together individuals from all facets of the F&B industry in St. Louis. By bringing together everyone from restaurant owners and executive chefs, vendors and suppliers, to research and production, we hope to expand networking opportunities.

Currently, more restaurants are opening than are closing in St. Louis. The leisure and hospitality sector saw a significant 9.5% year-over-year employment increase in May 2024, reflecting the sector’s robust recovery and expansion. This group will help St. Louis continue to grow to be a premiere food and beverage destination.


Through the collaborative efforts of this alliance, we will work towards a St. Louis based food & beverage incubator and accelerator.

We're a food & beverage community dedicated to fostering ideas and success in our industry.

Explore St. Louis’ 2 Degree of Separation

St. Louis is a tightly bonded community of food lovers, where collaborations and mutual support are the norm, and we take care of each other in tough times. The Show-Me Alliance elevates these relationships, fostering even deeper connections as we plan for the future.

Join us for our first event!

WHEN:       Tuesday, September 17th – 9:30 AM -11:00 AM

WHERE:     STL Club, 7676 Forsyth Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63105

                      Parking available in Centene Plaza Parking Garage

                      Dress code: business casual

WHO:          Matt Carr, President of Beck Flavors

                      Jenny Zegler, Senior Food & Drink Directors, Mintel

WHAT:        Latest Flavor Trends & Main Speaking Event:

AI & The Food Industry: Disruptor or Ignitor?

Summary: Market intelligence agency Mintel will explore the current state and forecasted evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) in the food and drink industry. Attendees will learn more about consumers’ current attitudes about AI and see examples of new products and services that are touting the use of AI. Based on these current events, Mintel will share predictions of how the next generation of food and drink formulations will evolve with – or without – AI.

This free, Food and Beverage networking community is designed to increase the F&B network strength in the St. Louis greater area.


Helping our community Support Network Grow together.