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Fallen 9/11 New York Firefighter Honored at Local Ceremony

Maryland Heights, MO. (September 11, 2017) – The partner of local company, Beck Flavors, was deeply touched by the Flags of Valor remembrance that graced Art Hill’s lush green lawn last year. As a part of the commemoration, Beck Flavors sponsored a flag of one of those honored, Lt. Phillip S Petti. The symbol of respect and images of the memorial left a lasting impression on company Partner Matt Carr. So much so, that this year his company held an event in honor of Lt. Phillip S Petti and local first responders, including two from St. Louis who traveled to New York to help with Search and Recovery efforts after the attacks of September 11.

Beck Flavors sponsored one of the “Flags of Valor” in 2016. The commemoration included a single flag for each person who lost their lives in the attacks at the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001. “Seeing that moving site we knew we wanted to be involved in a greater level,” stated Beck Flavors Partner, Matt Carr. “Getting to know the story of FDNY 7th Battalion and Lt. Petti made a connection and thus our small but important ceremony was born.”

On the morning September 11, 2001, Lt. Petti and his battalion responded to Building Two of the World Trade Center. There, he and his battalion enter the building at 9:02am. Their last transmission was at 9:46, when they had reached the 42nd floor of the tower. Shortly thereafter the building collapsed. All the those from his Battalion lost their lives.

At the base of the flagpole outside the company’s office in Maryland Heights, a limestone monument now sits. The newly placed monument was the centerpiece of the ceremony. After a short presentation, introduction of the local first responders and time of silent remembrance, attendees had the opportunity to meet and speak with special guests from the Maryland Heights Fire and Police Departments.

“The story of Lt. Pettit is similar to those of many first responders who lost their lives that morning. We wanted to honor him and all those who lost their lives that day,” stated company President Charley Beck. “Even though we did not know him personally, we felt strongly about keeping his memory alive and having his first responder brothers and sisters here to thank them too.”

Carr commented, “It was an honor to have these well deserving men and women in our presence today. Every day they go to a job that includes potential danger and could require they give the ultimate gift.” The firemen and police in attendance were treated to refreshments and personal thanks from all in attendance.

We admire and appreciate the efforts of first responders who protect us on a daily basis. We were happy that some could attend today so they could be “Thanked” for their ongoing dedication and effort’s.