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Our approach is simple; a passion to craft the best possible flavors for our customers, a team led by industry recognized experts in their field, and a collaborative environment that extends throughout our entire staff – and the results are amazing. We are more than flavor chemists, application technologists, and marketing experts. We are a team driven to develop solutions that solve customer’s flavor needs.

Come, be heard, taste, sample, explore, and innovate. Consider this your invitation to work side-by-side with our team and experience the Beck difference.


Whether tasked with duplicating all-natural flavors, crafting traditional favorites or creating uniquely innovative options for your specific application; our team is ready to deliver.

Kevin Berdak

Every day offers new opportunities and challenges, and I love getting my hands dirty with each new project!

Flavor Experience: 40 years
Certified Flavor Chemist: 29 years
Degree: Chemistry & Biology, University of Missouri St. Louis
From: St. Charles, MO
Fun Fact: Owns 2 caves in Missouri and 15 abandoned gold and silver mines in Colorado
Favorite Flavor: Dark Chocolate with Caramel

Rick Gibson

The most rewarding thing about this job is going to a store and seeing a finished product of something I flavored. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Flavor Experience: 48 years
Certified Flavor Chemist: 28 years
Degree: Business & Chemistry, University of Missouri St. Louis
From: Wentzville, MO
Fun Fact: Plays guitar in a band called “Bonedaddy” and plays in the orchestra pit for musicals around St. Louis
Favorite Flavor: Danish Pastry (Cinnamon Bun)

Julia Pollard

Working side by side with customers is so valuable and rewarding. We open their eyes and they open ours.

Flavor Experience: 15 years
Degree: Food Science, Purdue University
From: Southern Indiana
Fun Fact: Product Development Manager for a large quick service restaurant for 5 years.
Favorite Flavor: Whiskey

Adam Berge

We thrive on the exhilarating challenge of catapulting brands into the spotlight, infusing the market with a burst of innovation and excitement that leaves a lasting impression.

Application Technologist
Flavor Experience: 6.5 years
Degree: Food Science, University of Missouri, Columbia
From: St. Charles, MO
Fun Fact: Plays hockey for the Penguins (part of the Arch Hockey Men’s League) in St. Louis. They won the Middle A Division Championship in 2019. Wood working hobbyist.
Favorite Flavor: Cold Brew Old Fashioned

Nick Viriyasiri

Being able to apply my creative side as a chef with my love of Chemistry is a dream come true.

Flavor Scientist
Flavor Experience: 5 years
Degree: Master of Science in Chemistry, University of Missouri – St. Louis
From: St. Louis, MO
Fun Fact: Former Hibachi Chef, now Sushi Chef
Favorite Flavor: Toasted Marshmallow

Hunter Rohlf

The coolest part about the flavor industry is that it involves both strong analytical sciences and creativity. We use both of these attributes in tandem to produce amazing flavors from the ground up.

Flavor R&D Lab Technician
Flavor Experience: 4 year
Degree: Food Science with a minor in Chemistry, University of Missouri-Columbia
From: St. Charles, MO
Fun Fact: I am an Eagle Scout
Favorite Flavor: Salted Watermelon

Megan Samson

Sensory research is a great tool that helps Beck and its customers through product development, ingredient changes, reformulations, product quality, consumer preferences, and more!

Sensory & Analytical Scientist
Sensory Experience: 6 years
Degree: Master of Science in Food Science, University of Missouri-Columbia
From: St. Louis, MO
Fun Fact: Megan used to produce and study Missouri Wine for research that supported the industry.
Favorite Flavor: Classic Lemon-Lime or Orange

Lena Sauer

In the flavor-making industry, creativity thrives, turning ingredients into art. Crafting flavors is a joyful journey of discovery, where every taste brings excitement. It's a profession that blends science with art, making each day fulfilling and fun.

R&D Sample Coordinator

Sensory Experience: 3 years

Degree: Biology, West Virginia University. Business Administration and Management, University of Missouri – St. Louis.

From: St. Louis, MO

Fun Fact: Lena is training for her first full marathon happening in April 2024.

Favorite Flavor: Pumpkin Spice

Now that you have “virtually” met the team, it’s time to bring them a flavor challenge and create something great together.



It all begins with a need, a challenge, an idea. You don’t want, nor do you deserve, a “cookie cutter” solution. Your expectations are higher and the road to success starts with your first call to Beck. We will listen to your needs and collaborate together to deliver the ideal solution for your brand.

From start up to scale up, we’re dedicated to satisfying customers of every size. We offer low minimum order quantities (MOQs) of just a gallon and can quickly process large orders as well. We deliver products through our state-of-the-art 1970 Craigshire production facility that is one of the fastest in the industry.

In addition to speed, efficiency and capacity, Beck Flavors holds the following certifications which allow us to meet nearly any client requirement:

SQF status (USA): Comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Management System

FEMA GRAS: Flavor and Extract Manufacturing Association

GFSI: Global Food Safety Initiative

Kosher Certified

FDA Compliant