Beck Flavors runs an efficient sales team with Zoho CRM | Beck Flavors

Beck Flavors runs an efficient sales team with Zoho CRM

Matt Carr, President of Beck Flavors, proactively and consciously works towards building the company with the right attributes. When a prospective lead is interested in buying a flavor, the company aims to give them the best flavor options possible and then customize them accordingly. This goal informs their work towards a product-market fit to ensure the future of flavors.

Beck Flavors knew that the problems most worth solving are usually the most obvious ones. It took the team a few years to fully grasp the invisible levels of complexity involved in running an efficient sales team. They also had a steep learning curve understanding the importance of a solid sales process.

This was an important stage in Beck Flavors’ early CRM adoption that led to the switch from Goldmine to Zoho CRM. After bringing together an efficient sales team that worked well together and zeroed in on a viable problem to solve, uncovering the layers of complexity in building their business as well as their product became the next significant hurdle to cross.

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