Beck Flavors Tackles Avian Flu Based Egg Shortage Head On with Egg Flavor

Beck Flavors offeres egg substitute flavors to take egg shortage.On January 21, 2016 it was announced that another 400,000 turkey and chickens had been euthanized in Indiana, victims of the recent resurgence in the avian flu.  U.S. Department of Agriculture officials arrived in Indiana, where officials told the media that 245,000 commercial turkeys and 156,000 commercial chickens have been affected by the flu, also known as the H7N8 virus, in Dubois County, Indiana, northeast of Evansville. All of the animals were euthanized. The USDA states that over 6.5 million animals have been euthanized since last year because of the H7N8 virus.

This is just the latest example of the North American poultry population being affected by the H7N8 virus. Egg prices continue to rise while, commercially available eggs continue to be in short supply, leaving many companies in multiple food industry segments in a supply crunch.

Beck Flavors, a St. Louis and Cincinnati based company, has developed an egg flavor which is ready for commercial use. “We saw and heard from our customers that they were facing real challenges in regards to any of their finished products that contained egg and egg products. We worked to and developed a solution for our customers problem,” said Charley Beck, CEO of Beck Flavors.

This flavor is helping some companies reduce their egg usage while not altering the egg flavor profile in their products. The egg flavor technology which Beck created replaces whole egg/egg yolk at approximately 1:13 (one to a baker’s dozen). In addition to solving some companies egg sourcing issue, companies are also enjoying cost savings by using the Beck Flavors product. The product can also increase the “egginess” in finished goods.

Egg Flavor UsesThe baking industry is an obvious industry affected by the egg shortage, but other food industries are evaluating and using the egg flavor that Beck
has developed too. Companies in the Beverage and Dairy markets are evaluating the egg flavor technology in their holiday nog, ice cream and frozen custard recipes. Dressing and sauce manufacturers are also using the egg flavor technology to replace and enhance the mature profile that develops in “oil+vinegar+egg” applications such as mayonnaise, salad dressings and sauces.

Flavors are also Natural WONF in their formulation, so no artificial flavors are used to make the Beck Egg Flavor, something that an increasing number of companies today are searching for