Multiple Flavors lead to a Happier Office

Our friends at recently reported that having a choice of coffee flavors in the office lead to a happier work place.

There’s a battle taking place in offices across America. Employees in businesses across all industries start the day with at least one cup of coffee. Some even continue their coffee consumption throughout the day. At one time, employees shared one carafe of coffee, usually in a roast general enough to meet everyone’s personal tastes.

However, in recent years, coffee drinkers have developed more refined tastes. Gourmet coffee shops like Starbucks have created a culture where a simple cup of coffee will no longer do. This holds true even in the workplace, where a group of employees may have a variety of preferences, from the type of roast to more extreme flavored coffees. Oddly enough, this sometimes creates friction in the break room, as employees argue the merits of their own favorite coffee types with their coworkers. Some people are just not a big fan of hazelnut.

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Photo Credit: Christopher Cornelius, Creative Commons.