How To Create The Next Flavor Success

Where do great flavor ideas come from? What’s going to make your next product a huge taste success? The answer starts with your imagination.

Great ideas are the products of original thought. Taking a systematic approach to flavor creativity can significantly improve your chances of generating that next huge hit.

Whether it’s in coffee, alcohol, bakery or pharmaceutical, creating a new flavor concept is about tapping the resources stored in your mind; in your past and your daily life.

Taking a systematic approach to flavor creativity can significantly improve your chances of generating that next huge hit.

The team at Beck Flavors wants your next creation to be something outstanding. We’re here to help. Look through our exhaustive list of flavors. Use it as a foundation for your product development. But, more importantly, use the list as a starting point to inspire your creativity.

Imagine the new traditions made possible with your own signature flavor product. Then contact Beck Flavors and make your idea a reality.

Our infinite resources and years of experience are here for you. Just ask.

To help you get creative, here are some places the next big idea could be hiding:

Your Sensory Experiences

Consider the countless interactions with flavor, taste, aroma, texture you’ve encountered over a lifetime.

  • Summon the memories of your youth – what the seasons tasted like to you as a child or a parent
  • Remember the aromas of your childhood home – the comfort of the familiar or surprise at a new discovery
  • Recall a warm towel ready for you as you step out of the shower and the texture of the cotton on your face
  • Feel the cool sensation – not just the taste – of ice cream at an amusement park or a stick of mint chewing gum.

Your Observations

We’re social creatures. We learn by observation. Tune in to the behaviors of others. Watch their faces as they experience the world of taste, flavor, texture, and aroma.

  • See the look on the face of a stranger as she encounters a tart lemon. Flavor experiences are more than taste. We have visible physical responses, too. Note the authenticity of the pleasant sourness in the face. That’s a compelling bit of data.
  • Listen-in on people in line at the coffee shop or ice cream stand. They’re talking about what they want before they’re offered choices. They might be identifying the next trend.
  • Attend culinary competitions. Just about every city has some type of baking, cooking or barista competition at some point. If you can’t find one, tune into one of the many food channels on cable TV. The flavors that are being displayed by the most passionate, cutting-edge artists may predict next taste hit.

Your Preferences

If you’re reading this post, you likely have an interest in creating something new. Trust your senses and your own judgement. Pay attention to what your brain and your body are telling you. If you can taste, smell, and feel, you’ve got everything you need to make something successful.

  • What flavors do you associate with comfort? How about excitement? Or relaxation? Sometimes, starting with an emotion or mood works best. After all, a successful product should elicit an emotional response.
  • Keep a journal documenting your flavor experiences throughout the week. Note your mood and your level of stress when you have a taste for something rich or light or spicy. When you’re finished, put the journal away for a few days, then read it with fresh eyes.
  • Where do you tend to travel? Flavors can be tremendously successful on a regional basis. You don’t have to make a national or global impact to generate a huge buzz. Tap into the places that call you and explore their flavors.

Still stumped? No worries. At Beck Flavors, we have a century of experience with developing new products. We’re here to help. Remember… just ask!

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